September 24, 2010

Paris with Hillary - the 3rd Arrondissement

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These cute and compelling videos are the product of director, cinematographer and editor Elena Rossini.
After leaving Italy in 1998 at the age of 18, Elena has since lived and worked in the US, Britain and France.

Since graduating from Boston University with a degree in Mass Communication, the young film-maker spent a semester in London, interning at the Royal Academy of Arts. At Boston's Emerson College, Elena pursued her Master’s in Visual and Media Arts with a focus on Film Directing.

Dove Sei Tu, a 90-minute drama set between Milan, Lake Como and Rome is Elena Rossini's first feature-length film.  Other recent projects include the experimental documentary Direction, filmed in Tokyo and Paris, and Ideal Women, a short film contrasting beauty ideals in the art world with mass media.

Currently developing the feature-length documentary The Illusionists, Elena is also the creator of No Country for Young Women, an ongoing multimedia project striving to connect women across generations & nationalities on the topic of their careers.

Elena seems to have a great life and currently can be found in Paris or Milan.

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