September 23, 2010

Paris with Hillary - the 2nd Arrondissement

I found these great little videos about Paris on Hosted by the effervescent Hillary, I find them charming. I only wish she'd made more.

Watch more Paris videos at


California Girl said...

My first thought re: your post title when skimming today's post titles in my reader was

"Paris Hilton and Hillary Clinton? How odd!"

I had to come back for a second look. :)

Anonymous said...

Where's the 'clever' part?

The Clever Pup said...

Oooooh!! Anonymous from Jarvenpaa in Finland, what's your issue?

Giulia said...

I thought this was charming & I liked her persona very much. Especially from the shot up & through the window when she's trying on the hat. (Nice coat, too,I think though I can't quite tell.)

Very nice, Hazel.


studioJudith said...

The videos look charming
and clever ... .
just like you, Miss Hazel!
(so there)


Amy said...

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