September 24, 2010

French Unions Plan New Pensions Strike October 12

Today a  group of six French unions said they are planning a fresh strike Oct. 12, and a day of protest Oct. 2, against government plans to overhaul the country's pensions system.

Calling for a "new day of massive strikes and protests" on Oct. 12, to coincide with a debate on the pensions bill in the Senate, the unions are striving to make my holiday uncomfortable. I'll be in the thick of it. Hopefully, the massive protests won't interrupt my flight home. It should be anything but boring!

Photo Francois Mori/AP


debbie in toronto said...

oh dear my sympathies with the strikes...we were lucky to miss them last week...dont let it upset you..the french just take it in stride and I'm sure most things will carry may just have to walk further.....we walked our legs off.

have a great trip

Giulia said...

They were on strike for most of the first year I was there (in Strasbourg). It worked out OK. You'll get a lot of walking done!