September 7, 2012

Empty Nest

I'd been fighting off the sentiment first heard in a cheese-slice commercial since he was in Junior Kindergarten - "he's growing up and I wish he would stay...", but last Sunday the day arrived and my boy flew the coop. My clever, interesting, gentle, and unique son started university at one of Canada's best institutions. He slogged through four years of high school in one of the sketchiest parts of Toronto now he deserves a touch of ivy and limestone.

Good luck to you Noah. Fly. Smile. Say yes.

I can now officially get the bumper sticker that says "My son and my money (and my heart) go to Queen's"


Hels said...

Empty nesting is such an interesting time. For your son of course... that goes without saying. But I mean for the parents left at home. You have more money to go around, fewer groceries to buy and less mess to clean up. But oh dear, the place will seem empty.

When my boys left home after graduating (they live at home until the end of uni here, aged about 22-3), Joe and I decided to play more bridge and to eat at more restaurants. It was fun :)

The Clever Pup said...

Hels, I like that. I'm already seeing changes in our grocery-buying activities and milk consumption!

ramidonya said...

Congratulations Hazel! Good for Noah.

Nancy said...

Now which one of those handsome men did you send off? Seriously it is hard one of my best friends is gearing up to lose her son to college - she really knows she's gonna miss him. I told her to pick an interest or hobby she always wanted to do and immerse herself in it.

You have agreat family by the photos.... :)

diane said...

Alex just finished his four year university course, he did great (cum laude, no less!). And I am happy to say he is still at home. I am in no rush for the empty nest.

The Clever Pup said...

Hey Rami - what's Brynn turning his hand to this September?