September 8, 2012

Hotel Belvedere

Wow. I finally got out of town for a night. If you're anything like me - and I think you are - I don't find the cookie-cutter uniformity of (dare I say it) American-style hotels very appealing. My husband and I stayed in the 20-room Hotel Belvedere in Kingston, Ontario in the early 90s and apart from the removal of the Georgia O'Keeffe's on walls the place is still as charming as it was over 18 years ago.

Once a fabulous hotel, it faded into obscurity as a rooming house. It was transformed back into a fabulous place again in the 80s. For the price of a room at the Holiday Inn or the Marriott or the Radisson, one can experience unique rooms decorated with antiques, wrestle with quirky showers and breakfast on the prettiest terrace this side of Italy.

  We've stayed in four rooms over the years and we've liked every one. After returning to our room at night we joked, "Shame there's no turn-down service." If you're anything like the moaners on Trip Advisor with an inflated sense of entitlement this place is not for you. But I dont't think you are.

Here's a link to their splendid place. plus a couple of pictures via Tripadvisor and my husband.

Top Floor, Second from the right

Where you can park your car - now where can I park these complimentary banana skins?

In the vaults there's a picture of a 29-year-old me sitting on these stairs

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Brian Miller said...

nice...i love finding neat places to stay...def far from the cookie cutter...that looks like a cool one...