May 25, 2012

The Boyd Gang: Toronto Outlaws - continued

Hours before Lennie Jackson and Steve Suchan were to be brought to court to answer for Detective Tong’s murder, the Boyd Gang staged a second dramatic escape that made them the most wanted men in the Canada.

Just before dawn on September 8, 1952, the four slipped out through the bars onto a wall. To their horror, there was a cop stationed at the base of the wall. They lay on the top of the wall for a few minutes watching the cop and wondering what to do next. Unexpectedly, the officer walked across the lane and entered the nearby Riverdale Hospital. It didn't take them long to drop to the ground and disappear down the hill into the wilds of the Don Valley.

Once again a huge manhunt ensued. The reward for information leading to the gang's capture hit $26,000 causing hundreds of phone calls and letters to the police. They were holed up in an old barn near Yonge and Sheppard Streets. They were spotted many times. Most people thought they were just hobo's seeking shelter, but some became suspicious and called police.

On September 16, 1952 police closed in on the barn and surprised the gang. They were arrested without incident and returned to the familiar Don Jail. They would never escape jail again.

Steve Suchan and Lennie Jackson were hanged in Dec. 1952, while Boyd and Willie Jackson were sent to Kingston Penitentiary. Boyd was sentenced to eight life terms, but he was paroled for good behavior in 1966. He lived quietly under an assumed name in British Columbia. Edwin Alonzo Boyd died quietly at age 88 on May 17, 2002.


Kathy Bischoping said...

Now I want to live quietly under an assumed name too.

Anonymous said...

That fellow that made his movie should had got ahold of u for the facts from what I herd yours is more true u have the correct names an places like the authorities names tong an perry perry was assigned by mayor lambert from what I herd