April 19, 2010

The Sleeping Giants

ROFLMAO. Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off. That's how you would describe my reaction when our new beds were delivered yesterday. In the showroom the beds looked large but not overly so, but in the attic of our Victorian home our beds are making a statement to say the least.

Our queen-sized Simmons Beautyrest are 28 inches off the ground and practically divide our vertical space in two. While the rest of our house has sizeable rooms with high ceilings, we sleep on the third floor where we get bumps on our heads from the angles and dormers. Built in 1892 the house was built for people with smaller proportions. These "super-size me" beds are deliciously comfortable but ridiculously big.

My Jr. Pup reported it was "like a monolith". His bedroom is now a room with a bed. Effort has to be made to navigate around it.

While 28 inches doesn't seem like much at first my 6 ft husband's toes no longer reach the ground. " I feel like I'm 10 again" he said.

This was the first time in my  life I had bought a real bed.  I bought a futon in 1983 which was thrown out in 1987 so that doesn't count.  We'd been using hand-me-downs up until now.  Jr. Pup was using my bed from when I was 12 and we were using a bed from Sr. Pup's parent's cottage probably from the same vintage. Let's just say we're procrastinators.

We had the mattress and box-spring on the floor for the first 10 years of our relationship. Then we were using a Mate's bed frame -  meaning a bed with drawers underneath, not the bed of a mate - and recently we were back on the floor again.

Senior Pup awoke this morning saying "I dropped my second pillow in the night and I had to wait for the sound of it hitting the floor." In the middle of the night I awoke in a semi-dream with the distinct feeling I was in the flatbed of a 1952 Ford Pickup. But that was just a dream because in reality I would have been much closer to the ground in a pickup truck.

I'm wondering why new beds have to be so high.  We don't have to worry about chamber pots or vermin under the bed. Now our dog can't even get on the bed.  My bedside table wasn't remotely useful. I had to replace it with an IKEA Butler's tray. I can hardly see my televison.

The bed is wonderfully soft and supporting. It's a nice to have such a dilemma but I have a feeling that we may, in the days to come, escape the bed frame and end up back on the floor again.

Picture of Little Nemo in Slumberland taken from www.goodcomics.comicbookresources.com
The Real Princess is taken from http://dulac.artpassions.net/


sallymandy/bluekimonostudio said...

Hilarious story! We have a similar issue in our house, though it only dates to 1929. Our big iron canopy bed would not go up the stairs when we bought the house, so it sits, in pieces, in the garage.

Brian Miller said...

haha. and i love the cartoon at the top as well...

studioJudith said...

It seems we all have a new bed story -
mine wouldn't fit up the stairs either!
They had to take it back , cut it into
pieces and reassemble those pieces once they got them through the small door.

Hope you are at least acclimating
to the change and will soon be
comfy and cozy ...


The Clever Pup said...

We had to cut our used box-spring in half to get it up the stairs originally. We decided we didn't want to go that route again, so we entertained the idea of a double. No way. I'd go insane. "Sleep Country, Canada" has this unique thing where you can buy a split box-spring just for the very reason of getting it up the stairs. Mattresses are a bit more forgiving.

Alistair said...

We have a super king size and the same problems/dilemma you have.

Mind you, I've been sleeping on the problem for 3 years now!


Ima Wizer said...

Ha! I love it! I WISH my bed was high up like that....I always loved my grandmother's bed! I love the illustration you used, too, Ms. Princess......

Mrsupole said...

We have one of those Calfironia King size beds and it costs an arm and a leg to buy any bedding for it. It also has a pillow-top on the mattress and so the sheets have to be what they call very deep sheets. I did not know all this when we got the bed. I would love to have one of those beds that are filled with air and you get to adjust the feel of the bed. But they cost almost as much as a used car. Plus my bed now takes up most of my bedroom.

Sometimes bigger is not always better.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

lol ! the new bed sounds exciting! :)