April 13, 2010

Haircut 100

Hey, I got my hair cut. It feels like the first real cut since I got my hair cut at Sassoon in 1986 - gee, I can't even count that on my fingers - 24 years ago!

I have been this blond forever, I should say until this past January when my virgin blond got highlights from a box. (It was a dark winter). My roots went really blah.  I must have picked the right shade because after 6 days I had to tell the G-pup. There are the occasional blobs of extra-blond, but all-in-all a good experience.


Ima Wizer said...

absolutely darling and very fresh and new!!!

Ingrid Mida said...

Thanks for stopping by today to comment on my map dress. Maps seem to strike a chord with a lot of people. I wonder whether Mapquest and GPS will mean the end of paper maps.
Love your haircut! I've been working so hard that my hair could use a good cut.
Love the look of your blog too! The colours are fresh and inviting.

Poetikat said...

I love that title! Used to love to dance to them.

Your hair looks fab! Was Vidal present when you got your hair done? I thought I recognized you in that documentary!


lechat said...

Looking great w/ your pretty blue eyes! What a coincidence! I just have my cut too. I also got my < Love for Lydia > look at Sassoon in San Francisco years ago.
le chat

Leslie Patterson said...

So chic!

Blog Princess G said...

Very chic and stylish!

The Clever Pup said...

I had a devil of a time with these comments. They reappeared on my dashboard a two weeks later and I had to delete them all, unfortunately. Thanks for your kind comments nonetheless.