April 13, 2010

Purple and Red

I was grandiloquent in a previous post about my desire to redecorate. We did manage to find nice fabric and make really nice curtains for the study/TV room but my mood fell a little flat since the beginning of the new year. Not enough sun.

We also have so much clutter that stripping paper and repainting is really daunting. Where would we move all the furniture, books, CDs etc? My house is only 17 feet wide. Would we ever remember how to hook up the TV again?

Any way, the sun's back and I'm starting off small again. I'm thinking of repainting the front door on my Victorian row house. Benjamin Moore Exotic Red and Kalamata. Has any one painted with red AND purple before? Does red really require 6 coats?


Laurie Grassi said...

If you're using red, buy the right primer for it...just ask at the store where you buy the paint... :) Laurie P.S. I work at a home decor magazine, so that's how I know...hahaha!

Ima Wizer said...

Do it! It sounds so nice!

The Clever Pup said...

Thanks Polly, Thanks Laurie - I'll contact my local guy on Roncesvalles. Do I have to prime dark blue I wonder?

Giulia said...

Yes, absolutely do it. Listen to the experts up there.

I just got many attractive IKEA paper boxes (good colors) that fit into bookcases, etc. I chose dark Granny Smith green. CDs, magazine holders, two large boxes for other things. I cleaned out five drawers of this stuff, tossed some, & the rest are in the boxes, in bookshelves. It worked. I can't believe it. I just need to buy a few more & stuff is up & out of the way.

So declutter...I always was good at it before but let it slip. I put tear sheets into the boxes & they're ready to be pasted into big drawing pads.

I'm needing suggestions for paint in apt. living & dining room. And kitchen/bath. But will ask for that later.


California Girl said...

My husband painted my little office a very dark eggplant, Benjamin Moore, the highest quality, and it took 5 coats. He painted one wall of our dining room a cranberry and it took 3 coats. I do not know if he primered either so perhaps that does make a difference.

We had a beautiful 1906 Edwardian row house in Richmond, Va for 10 years and each room was a different brilliant color and I loved it loved it loved it. Do it!