July 3, 2009

Canada Day

Canada's birthday falls on July 1. I celebrated Canada Day in Parry Sound; the town where I was born and the town where my mother lives.

Parry Sound certainly has changed since I was a child. Fireworks Shmireworks I thought, as I remembered the 10 or 12 rockets that used to be let off at the town beach when I was a kid.

At dusk my brother and I walked down to the Town Dock. Many of the pleasure boats and yachts found in the harbour had been bedecked with flood lights and strings of twinkle lights. Tooting and honking, they sailed past the dock which by this time was thronging with people. I described it to my husband as a "Float Past". He corrected me saying the appropiate term was probably a "Sail Past".

The well-orchestrated fireworks display was a hit. I was really impressed. The photo above from www.parrysound.com/press/gallery/ gives the idea of what it was like from one of the many boat slips.

My brother, thinking ahead, brought not only beer but sparklers too and passed them out to the nearby crowd.

It was a really great evening.


lettuce said...

ah, i can smell and hear sparklers in my head

have a great weekend!

Brian Miller said...

happy canada day! lol. still like to go lay in the grass and watcht he night explode with color.

David Engel said...

Hello Clever One,

Love the shot of the fireworks. Very festive. Things here have already begun to explode these past couple days. I hope it will be as beautiful here tonight.



Ms. Lucy said...

I love Canada Day...Big cake, fireworks and all! It rained here in Montreal though...
thanks for posting this:)

einbildungskraft said...

At least there are still 'big' parties in Canada, here in Ca, beginning with the general dryness of the landscape in this state and now the deflated economy, animal spirits have been dampened. The 'authorities' have even fenced off the beaches here in town (Santa Cruz), to enable 'security'. !!! No fireworks, anywhere around. Maybe in SF... then the fog often gets the better hand!
greetings Hazel, Beth

giulia said...

Sparklers & beer. A fantastic combination (in moderation). I'm a sparler-all-fireworks dept. fan-atic.



and have to say that the verification is 'cacoph' close enough to cacophany to please.

Baino said...

Well it's been and gone but hope it was a good one. I love fireworks, we don't need much of an excuse but only public displays allowed here . . although sparklers are still freely available thank goodness!

Poetikat said...

I have not held a sparkler in my hand in god, so many years! That was always the best part for me.

I'm glad you both were able to steal away and have a bit of fun.


Mrsupole said...

Hi Hazel,

Happy Canada Day! Glad you were able to enjoy fireworks there.

Here in California they are banned in many cities and counties. But in the city that I live in, we are allowed to have them, they sorta have to allow them because they are made here in this city. Pretty hard to ban what you are trying to sell to the rest of the country.

So tonight was sounding like one of those war zones they show on TV, but a "pretty" one in the sky. It seems a lot of men in my neighborhood think they are in some kind of fireworks contest. One lives a few houses down from us and the other right across the street from him. And I am talking the kind of fireworks that are used at public shows. The police seem to know all about it, being that one is in law enforcement. They have been coming for the last couple of weeks to check to see if everything is okay. Then there is no place to park on the street except in your driveway, because of how many people come to see the "show". They should sell tickets or something.

So it turns into a crazy day on my street and a loud night. My poor cats hide. But the grandkids love it. Today they went to their Auntie's house cause I have a migraine and just wanted peace and quiet. I did not get it.

I hope you have a great day on Sunday.

God bless.