July 4, 2009

Whazzup Sarah!

So, Sarah Palin is resigning. Will she be a footnote to American history or is she making a move that would rival a chess master?

It's been said that she might host her own talk show. Good, we need more of those. Personally I think she's pregnant again.

What do you think?


alaine@éclectique said...

I think she'll probably come back - once you've had a taste of it.....

K. said...

Master moves aren't usually accompanied by incoherent babbling. Politically, she's done.

Merisi said...

I am sad for the example she sets for her children.

T. said...

I'm hoping for the entertainment of a talk show.

Mrsupole said...

I really do not know, but I talk to a friend up in Alaska and will have to ask her what is going on.

We all voted for her in our family and are all ex-democrats. Funny how your view changes when you decide you want a smaller Federal government and less taxes. Only one brother-in-law is a holdout democrat. He is a stubborn person.

And it all started with my husband, you know the Canadian guy I am married to. For years I resisted and then somewhere he convinced me to switch and then he got almost my whole family to switch. He calls me the liberal Republican. Well he can't get everything he wants. Actually I am a well rounded voter. I am liberal on some things, moderate on others and even downright conservate on the rest. So it just depends on what it is. How did I marry a "gun totin" Canadian conservative is beyond me. His whole family is that way. Well except his sister that they do not talk to. But that is okay. We love them all.

So back to Sarah, I hope it is a great chess move, but I am not sure. I think she quit due to the attacks that are done daily to her children. And that makes me sick to see the stinking media attack any politicans kids.

But they can attack those mistresses to their hearts content. Women screwing with married men, and they know the man is married, is fair game in my books. And the stupid men who do this, no matter which political party they belong to, deserve to be attacked too. Stupid, stupid, men who think with the part of their body that has no brain in it, need to move to Mars where they belong. And take those stupid Mistresses with them. They do not belong on Venus with the wifes.

I love to see it when the wifes make the men pay. And pay they should, but please quit making the wifes go to those stupid guilty press conferences where they admit their freaking guilt.

Alright I drank too much tea today with caffeine and usually drink decaf Tetley, but hubby bought some kind of India tea full of caffeine. My brain won't stop. But it sure tastes good. But I better go back to Tetley or Red Rose.

I do wish that Hilary or Sarah would have won, did not much matter to me as long as it was a woman. And being a Repub, naturally I would rather it was Sarah, but was sad when Hilary lost too.

Okay, gonna stop now. Must have been all that noise from those fireworks driving me crazy with this migraine.

God bless.

Ima Wizer said...

Gosh, IF I was a Republican and I am NOT, I wouldn't ever admit it.
Sarah Palin is too stupid/ignorant to have a talk show and doesn't know anything about politics/current events so I'm going for the story that she stole building materials for the ice rink in her home town and used them for renovations and additions to her own house....we shall soon see. Something is amiss and they all get found out, eventually.

Brian Miller said...

i find it interesting, and the silence as to why...which leads me to beleive it's either personal, a scandal is forth coming, or its to set her up for a run at the presidency. of course none of this new, but alas...

Susan said...

Greetings from DC, where we are not amused since she's the woman who caused our tooth to crack--in three places. (That's taking a cue from her as she is a blamer-of-everyone-else for the troubles she brings upon herself.)

Read the Vanity Fair article (I just finished it); it's probably online if you don't see a copy around.

Stick a fork in her, she's pretty much done. She is not going to be Prez in 2012 or any other time. She claims she doesn't want to be a Senator but it's pretty clear that she loves to come here (& NYC) no matter how much she protests. The attention, the shopping, etc.

She makes George W. Bush seem positively Oxonian. She appeals to a much smaller base group than it appears. Many GOP-nits are kicking themselves for helping her at all.

Did I say I loathe her & everything for which she stands? (This last business is difficult to get a handle on, since she holds diametrically opposed positions on many issues, BTW).

That's all I'm saying "on the record."

Susan said...

Wait--someone above says it didn't matter to her as long as it was a woman? Um, deeply serious issues are not decided in a junior high school state o' mind.

Criminy, Pup. What are you trying to start here:) I shall have to call you Arianna-Pup soon.

We Blog Artists said...

Oooh, never thought she may be pregnant!
That's a good one...I guess she's the only one that REALLY knows why she stepped down!
Happy Belated Canada Day!
We spent them in Oshawa,On.
We're practically neighbours!

Polly said...

Personally I think she should just disappear - but who am I to make comments like that living in London?

I think she would make a good talk show host :-)

StimmeDesHerzens said...

A quitter!! She holds a good political talk, that is her signature.... between that and quitting however, she is finished. She is in her own Bubble, thinking that we are all thinking about her when we are not. She was passe, when televised talking while a turkey was having its head chopped!
PS I have become more conservative as well, thinking even last night Obama has made a big mistake by trying to revive the economy by stimulus. He definitly should have lowered taxes. And I'm a registed dem!!

Megan said...

I hope Sarah goes away and never comes back...

Mrsupole said...

It was not a junior high school state o'mind. It was two women were the best compared to the men running. Well except for Sarah had not run against any Repub men, but Hilary was the best candidate for the Demos, if I were a Demo, I would have voted for her.

Both parties seem to be pretty much the same except for the names, does not matter which side you are on.

I am on the side that does not want to keep taking my money by over taxing the average family.

I do not want them to secretly pass laws that increase my taxes underhandedly by raising energy costs each year, increasing my electric and gas bill by 90%.

I want to make sure that we keep our jobs in this country, not make established workers start at entry level jobs or forced to do part time jobs.

I do not want them to tax my health insurance benefits I have already paid taxes on or made concessions in my pay for.

I want a strong military to protect us from those who wish to do it harm and take away the freedoms that many have died to protect.

I want our military to come home proud of what they have accomplished, not like the Vietnam Vets (of which I am one).

I want to protect our Constitution not change it to the beliefs of a few to control the country instead of the majority controlling it. I know we can run this country. I want to keep it a democracy.

I believe when we vote to pass a law, judges should not be able to overturn the law for their personal beliefs. Judges should follow the constitution.

Average citizen have the right to bear arms to protect our country from a tyranny if needed. Our founding forefathers believed this. This is why the USA exists today.

Abe Lincoln was a Republican, John F Kennedy was a Democrat, I believe we can choose to be either one.

I do believe a JFK Demo. is a different Demo. than a Ted Kennedy Demo.

JFK said, "Ask what you can do for the Country?", Ted Kennedy says, "Ask what the country can do for you?" This is why so many Kennedy Demos. switched to Independents or to Repubs, me included.

I have only touched on a few things here. Politics is my passion, and I usually stay off the subject when I blog, I do not insult others.

What kind of an American are you. The Abe Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy self sufficent type or the do everything for me Teddy Kennedy type?

I'm just wondering, cause my family works their asses off for their money and we do not mind paying our share for the necessary taxes, we do not mind helping those in need, but we do mind paying taxes for stupid dumb shit and paying for those taking advantage of the system.

People in America need to make a choice and yes it would have been nice to see a female in one of our two highest government positions, but if there was a man running that was more qualified and not just saying anything to just "get elected" than I would have voted for him. I think since someone's ratings are going down daily that the truth of the lack of experience is coming forth, and Hilary and Sarah had more experience. Yes, we may find out things about Sarah that we may not like and if that happens then she would lose my vote, and if nothing bad is discovered, I still will wait to see who runs against her if she even does run. And who runs against Hilary if she does run too. I will cross party lines when voting because I want to vote for the person who has the same beiefs that I do. So please grow up and get past the "my party or your party" thing. Voting is really about protecting our country, to make sure we still have a country, where your vote counts. I hope that deep down in your heart you are a True American, or if you are Canadian, or any other countrymen that you always vote for the beliefs that will protect your country. That is all that really matters, not what party you belong to. You can always change your party affiliation, but it is harder to lose your country.

So peace be with you and may God bless you with the choices you make througout your life.

Tess Kincaid said...

Heh-heh. I thought the same thing only in reversed order. First I thought, oh no, she's PG. Then, I thought, oh, I bet it's a talk show. :P

nonizamboni said...

I am ever so annoyed by this woman! But since I like you I'll say, you could be right and/or her head is just so swollen with Potomoc Fever.
Wishing you a great week!

The Clever Pup said...

Whoo hoo. I guess one really should never talk about religion, sex or politics.

As a Canadian I obviously have no say in the matter of American politics, but a common analogy is that Canada and US relations is akin to Canada sleeping with an elephant, meaning any twitch or snore in the night affects us in someway. Anything that the US does rubs off on us a little.

If Sarah Palin ever suceeded in winning the presidency I would probably leave for France. Sarah is the antithesis of what I believe - on everything. If I were an American I'd be a Democrat for sure.

This was fun, but I'd like to advise commenters not to carp at each other. ALL my readers are gentle & smart and I don't want the Clever Pup to turn into a place for slagging each other.

I must go. I wish I were kidding when I say that I think my computer is close to catching on fire but I'm not.

StimmeDesHerzens said...

don't be discouraged ms pupchen

I thought the comments were interesting, one and all, and a nice question posed by you!

Tina Tarnoff said...

Alaska is a distraction to her. I think she's having a book out and wants to do some touring and book signing and make a lot of money. Than I believe she thinks going bigger than Alaska and run for president. God help us all.

sallymandy said...

Listening to Sarah speak, I can hardly remember when I've felt more confused and lost, like I'm listening to a mannequin. Her speech is barely intelligible; she throws out pithy words like crackers to koi. As a former
Alaska resident I couldn't be happier, and only hope that this move will greatly enhance her chances for political obscurity. I do think her children have been unfairly targeted, but maybe she should have thought of that a long time ago.

secretfragileskies said...

Palin is now free to say whatever she wants, re: her recent health care comments. The frightening issue is that there are people who actually listen to her, a chilling thought for this country. As Jon Stewart aptly commented: 'She keeps a little box of crazy on her night table."