September 8, 2014

Light Luggage - Paris for a Week, Perhaps.

Mais Oui.

easy packing

 Hey everyone. I came across an article on Oh Happy Day - How to Pack for 2 Weeks to France in a Carry-On. It inspired me.

It's a pretty good, informative article. I'm a light packer too. Although my last Paris trip (2010, sigh) was only for a week, I think even Jordan has packed too much. Pack whatever floats your boat, but for my comfort a lighter suitcase is a better suitcase.

I would never pack 4 pairs of shoes. One extremely comfortable pair of boots or shoes on your feet should do. Two at a pinch. Shoes are heaviest, most clumbersome things to pack. Alegria shoes are the most comfortable thing I travel in. They are hell to pack though (and no backwoods hiking!) so I wear them on the plane. Security loves their huge soles!

If going in autumn  I would pack my most flattering, comfortable dress and a stand-out tunic or sweater dress for colour. Black tights and leggings, a black double-knit mini (or 2), a black turtleneck, a white shirt,  and a pair of black pants can be mixed and matched. Pick whatever colour,  but it's easier if its monochrome.  I would pack a heavy-knit wrap-around top and a light jersey cardi. A graphic t-shirt dress to sleep in. ( I will explain)  Everything can be dressed up with a colourful scarf or some chunky jewelry.

Things I would change from my last trip. I would add is a good pair of jeans and to switch the shoes for knee boots. I have to admit that no women I saw in Paris looked overly dynamic - Just jeans, leather boots, scarves galore and a good hair cut. I saw one really great coat on someone in the 4th Arrondisement, but all the craziness that one sees on the Sartorialist for example, must have been reserved for some other time and place because I saw none of it.

I would also tone down the stand-out tunic. I wore an orange sweater-dress from IVKO and I know that I was the only person in Paris wearing orange that day. It was obvious I was an out-of-towner,  Parisians still prefer dark colours. But if you want to stand out, go right ahead. I still might. I did wear a somewhat bright dress from Boden and was mistaken (from the back) for a French women's friend!

No PJs I just slept in a  long t-shirt dress. If you want to go to the disco. Wash it in the sink, dress it up with jewelry and accessories. I took a Roots Test Pattern T-shirt dress to sleep in (not the expensive Stella McCartney above). Needless to say (because I'm shy) I did not wear it out to a disco.

I've can come up with at least eight outfits from the above. Good luck if you are traveling this autumn. Bon Voyage.

I created the top collage on Polyvore. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.


Hels said...

Have a great trip! Wish it was me *sigh*.

I agree totally with your packing advice. Who wants to lug around a heavy suitcase? And who wants to have to ask porters for help?

I would not stick to "black" as in leggings, double-knit mini, turtleneck and slacks, but I agree that the items should be easily mixed and matched. Thus only two colours throughout so that any single shirt, jumper, pants or skirt can be put together with any other. If you want a flash of contrasting colour, add a silk scarf that weighs nothing.

The Clever Pup said...

Oh, Hels - I'm not going anywhere. Just wishful thinking.

Giulia said...

I, too, was taken aback by four pairs of shoes (I saw her post, too) even though I am a shoe/boot person. I always like to see what you choose; you'd hate my stuff, though. I am more Parisian than funky Pup. I like the idea but whenever I've worn that sort of thing, honestly, I feel so uncomfortable that it doesn't matter if I get compliments. It just feels too-too much. Though I do like to stand out with a bright bag or perhaps coat. Never both at once, though. I look forward to wearing my bright pink vintage (1960s) mohair coat this winter. I'll be able to wear it again after losing weight.

Cheers, Pup. xoxo


Diane said...

I did go to Paris this fall! One week in Paris, one week in London. I could have fit everything in a carry-on but ended up taking the larger suitcase so I'd have room on the way home in case I went shopping. Had a fabulous trip (and never did go shopping).