April 12, 2012

The Rain in Spain

First I noticed North Americans pronouncing words as if they were from London's East End. "Buh'n" for Button. "Badmind'n" for Badminton. Then I had a wee rant about Schtrawberry, Schtrong and Schtupid. Now I'm noticing "E-zactly" instead of Exactly. I've heard it six times in one week alone. Three times from the girl on the bus who intoned, "ezactly, ezactly, ezactly" into her phone.Stop. Stop it now.


déjà pseu said...

I've heard the "di-int" (didn't) in certain east coast areas. The one that drives me crazy is "axed." (asked). "I axed her to give it back to me."

PWally said...

You are TOO funny.....loved the toilet paper lady!

How about the "eggzactly", that's what I hear all the time!

Ima Sickofittoo

The Clever Pup said...

arghh. One that seems to be publicly sanctioned is Luggsury. It's in all the car commercials.

Oh, no you di'int!

G said...

I hear you, Clever Pup.

My current loathe is "Theng yowwwww."


The Clever Pup said...

I don't know 'Theng'. I'll keep my ear out for it. Upspeak is starting to die off, but my niece goes "off her voice" to make herself sound more sultry.
I must say you have a lovely voice when you were talking to Tibby.

G said...

"Theng yowwww," for "thank you." And I do the occasional voice over, so theng yow, er, I mean, thanks. Happy to hear upspeak is fading. Does this indicate a more confident population? I always thought upspeak was about ingratiation and lack of confidence.