April 15, 2012

Buy - Amnesty International's Chimes of Freedom - The Songs of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's first studio album came out 50 years ago this year. Amnesty International is also commemorating fifty years since its inception. My Dylan-mad husband bought Chimes of Freedom, the Songs of Bob Dylan - Honouring 50 years of Amnesty International . It's great. You'll feel good when you buy it. It's wonderful if you know the "Canon" and if you don't you will surely learn more Bob tunes than you knew before. Eighty artists participated. There's Miley Cyrus, Johnny Cash, Neil Finn ex Crowded House, Pete Townshend, Cage the Elephant, Marianne Faithfull, Patti Smith, and  bunch of bands I'm too out of the loop to know. There's 92-year-old Pete Seeger singing Forever Young, old flame Joan Baez, plus Sting singing in his new "deep voice".

Bob Dylan shuns the mantle of "Civil Rights Activist", ( I think he shuns just about everything) but this project is such a great melding of music and human rights activism that the connection can't be avoided.Check it out.

Dylan's career and Amnesty International aren't the only things turning 50  this year. Just sayin....

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