August 3, 2011

On Order

I've ordered these dresses from the English company Boden. Their stuff is just quirky enough for me and it fits. It's so nice to be able to order a 16 or an 18 and still look fashionably smart and interesting. I've decided to order them now and not wait for the sale. Boden's fabric has a certain quality to it that I'm just not seeing at the "mall", and independent boutiques never carry my size (I'm top-heavy). I get many compliments on the dresses and tunics I've bought from them before so I have a good feeling about these two lovelies. When I was wearing a similar cord dress in Paris last autumn, someone chased me down thinking I was a friend. Nice to be mistaken for a Parisian.
I ordered this dress in purple.


Giulia said...

Very pretty, Hazel. I'm very thankful to have that Boden bunch of clothes from 2 years ago (& about 8 months for a few things). It comes in handy so often. No matter how bad I feel,I can get dressed w/out major upset. Which, some days, is about all I can ask for.


ramidonya said...

Yummy color, shape, texture...I hope I get to see these in real life :-)

Von said...

Nice and great to feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat elegant, somewhat chic!