August 2, 2011

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Contrary to popular belief,  Americans are among the least-taxed citizens in the wealthy world. At the centre of the debt ceiling crisis lies the American antipathy toward taxation. Born free, taxed to death - I think not. Denmark has the highest tax in the developed world at 48.2% of GDP. Canada (or the Socialist Republic of Canuckistan) sits at 31.1%. The US sits at 24% tucked away between Turkey and Chile. Mexico bottoms the list at 17.5%.

But you don't have to believe me. Visit Barrie McKenna's article from the Globe and Mail. 


Hels said...

hehe.. not "contrary to popular belief". I had expected less than 24%, to tell you the truth, but even at a lowly 24%, there are two insurmountable problems.

Firstly in the USA working class families pay a higher marginal tax rate than do wealthy families and corporations. Good grief.

Secondly in the USA, taxation on wealthy families and corporations seems to be voluntary. I know rich people and their accountants can hide assets in all nations, but at least most nations' Taxation Departments try to winkle out these peoples' true wealth.

The Clever Pup said...

Hi Hels,

I don't know where Australia stands on the taxation chart but then again you're small with at 22 million. In the States it seems you're free to live the American dream to become as rich as Croesus, but its the middle class that bears the brunt. I wouldn't care but the debt-ceiling crisis isn't self-contained, anything the elephant to the south of Canada does affects effects our country and me too.

Giulia said...

Pup - it not only affects Canada. It affects the whole world.

It's not just the middle class - the working/poor class is under such a burden. But you know that. I am so f*ing angry that I can barely speak. Much less type.

When I housesit (starting this Friday for 9 days), I'll have internet over more of the day, since I don't have it at home now. I'll write more about it. But I am thinking of dropping out of my commitment to work in the President' re-election campaign. I feel personally betrayed by him. It's just that awful.

Thanks for posting this...