June 10, 2011

Through a Glass Darkly

Top point, black and tan dog, paw facing south
The human mind relies heavily on its ability to remember and  recognize patterns. Sometimes we see patterns where there isn't one. Lying with the grass at our backs we see pictures in the clouds. I've seen Europe PLUS England at least 4 times in the clouds. France appears in my mashed potatoes. Faces are are readily recognizable pattern -  that's why we often see two eyes, a nose and a mouth in the pile of a carpet.

A blogger's son, feeling a ghostly presence in his bedroom, flashed his camera into the darkness and the pixels neatly organized themselves to reveal the face of a young black maid.

Taking pictures of  my garden through some old chandelier prisms I have dangling I have often seen faces and things.

See if you can see them too and what you think.

I see a Mennonite-like farmer in the middle third, tiny, small, profile, black hat, beard, tan shirt, black pants, but really it's just a 2 black streaks, surrounding a beige streak.

On the left side, I see a living room wall, with a fireplace, a doorframe and paintings on the wall

Top left, I see a partial creepy face - kind of like David Caruso
This one takes the cake. The ghostly white figure that looks like it's hanging Christmas ornaments is probably just the bare white space on the neighbour's garage. I see a black man that looks like Danny Glover staring at the "ghost". I also see a black child with his arm out to the left ( or is that a cat ? I don't have one). I also see a third black face, this one with a bit of pink nose looking to the left.

Bottom third on the far left  - I see the profile of a guttersnipe


Tess Kincaid said...

Oh-oh-oh! I have a whole box of these old prisms that were left at Willow Manor when we bought the place. This past Christmas, I hung them on the tree. They look so pretty in your garden.

Susan said...

Yikes. I have to clear my mind & come back later. I read what you saw & then I saw what you saw. (The creepy guy sorta like Carusa - lol - esp.)

I'm going to redo & will tell you tomorrow.


Hels said...

Absolutely! The human mind does rely heavily on its ability to remember and recognise patterns. So that the shapes that you "see" can really only be things you know about.

I would propose that if you had never ever heard of the Mennonites, you probably wouldn't read the shape as a Mennonite-like farmer.

Diane said...

Definitely see the creepy guy!

augery, this

Everyday Goddess said...

Very ingenious prompt! I gave you one of my weekly Goddess Awards if you would like to collect it at my place.

I think you captured a little fairy in your 2nd to last shot! Very cool!

Happy Blogging!

Pheromone Girl said...

Fascinating! I see so many different things, too.

Congrats on your Goddess Award, by the way!