June 10, 2011

Late Bloomers

Uggh. It's been such a cold, wet spring. Everything in my backyard is about 2 weeks behind. If the weather carries on this way it will be July 1st before I see any substantial colour in my garden. Since I wrote my final exam on Tuesday I've been toiling in the garden; transplanting from front yard to back yard, (that's lots of fun in a row house), dividing, moving, fertilizing, pruning and raking. Jersey, my Lab, ate a Jerusalem artichoke. I think I'm going to rename her Hoover as in "she will Hoover up anything".

It's nice today, but it's only 16 degrees Celcius or 60 F. Once we get past the predicted thunderstorm on Saturday, it should be a nice weekend, but temperatures are only going to reach 20 Celsius or 68F.

My husband decided he'd like some Celosia (Cockscomb) in the garden for some colour. Can "Dusty Miller" be far behind? I'll post more pictures of my garden as the weather warms.

My homage to Giverny, painted on an old patio table, is against the fence

Structure in the top right, affectionately known as the poop-deck, is a dog-sized litter box


Adrienne said...


You have such a lovely and lush garden. I live in northern California where we recently experienced unseasonable rain and wind for days on end. Yesterday, while weeding my lettuce and herb garden in the long-awaited sunshine, I discovered all of my basil had black mold all over its leaves from all the wetness. I have to replace them all this weekend. But everything else survived.

Love the "poop-deck" name. How apropos! And a great idea. I wonder if my husband and I could train our 4 dogs to use a doggy litter box?


Giulia said...

While I would be bummed if it were so cool, last night I was thinking "Oh my, I have to move to England or Canada..." And then a bunch of swear words. As you may know, it is to be a "cool" 92 here today. Ahem. Down about ten degrees. I am "used" to the heat after all these years, as in it is not a shock. But still. It's not even July yet.


The garden is lovely & very Giverny-ish...


The Clever Pup said...

Giulia - Hey I was at my step mother-in-laws on the weekend. Her middle name is the same as your first. She could never figure out why it was spelled with a G and she changed it to J. Boring. Anyway - it was 105 here just 2 days ago. But we got a cold front coming in from the North west.

Von said...

Nice and a touch of Giverny too!!