April 29, 2011

It's A Nice Day for a White Wedding

1840 - Victoria

 1863 - Alexandra

 1923- Elizabeth

 1947 - Elizabeth

 1981 - Diana

 Kate - Today, 2011.

Thanks to all the photographers who took these photos


Hels said...

Nice comparisons :) Everyone wants their dress to be perfect, including and especially royal brides.

After 180 years, I have decided that the simpler, the better. Looking like a huge meringue doesn't do any woman a favour, even the tallest and skinniest woman. Kate looked perfect.

Diane said...

Elizabeth and Diana weren't particularly lucky in love.... hope Kate gets luckier. (hmm, didn't mean that double-entendre, but then that's definitely part of the whole picture, isn't it... lol)
may we all be lucky in love

Giulia said...

I agree with Hels. Kate looked perfect. I would've chosen the exact same dress. Bella.