December 10, 2010

Yes'n Who'll Give Me $422,500 for Bob Dylan's Lyrics...?

The answer my friend
is hedge-fund manager Adam Sender
The answer is hedge-fund manager Adam Sender.

Mr. Sender outbid 5 others in order to buy the original handwritten lyrics of Dylan's The Times They are A'Changing. Too bad - it would have been a nice Christmas present for my husband.

Due to his great output, Bob Dylan lyrics aren't especially rare, but Selby Kiffer of Sotheby's says "... to have lyrics of such a seminal song is unusual."  And seminal it is - this 1963 anthem is Bob at his most political.

Adam Sender also owns the guitar John Lennon was playing when he met Paul McCartney.

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Hels said...

hehe.. no I would not give almost half a million dollars for anything, not even a house.

But I AM impressed with the song. Every generation has seminal songs that define its life. For me, 1963 was arguably my most influential year and Dylan's The Times They are A'Changing was certainly one of my most influential songs.

Ima Wizer said...

WOW.......I don't even know what to write, so shocked am I!

Susan said...

Wonder what Bob thinks of this? Well, someone has to take care of these things so...