September 26, 2010

Paris with Hillary - the 10th Arrondissement

The Canal St. Martin is the capital of Paris's 'bo bo' - 'bourgeois boheme' - scene. Shabby Chic! Count me in!

Watch more Paris videos at

Hillary is featured in a series of travelogues created by film-maker Elena Rossini at


John said...

Looks like you're having a great time!
I love Paris - been there a few times... my fave part of town is the 16th Arrondisement... that's where I work and stay when there. It's real Paris. Few tourists (except for the Place du Trocadero and the amazing view de la Tour!)and the architecture is awesome!

Giulia said...

A favorite place...esp. the two shops. You will, no doubt, feel simpatico...

I love Hillary's videos. Hurrah that she included the studio for yoga & Pilates. I value these tips almost above all else because it's not easy to get clear answers, usually, about any city. Before someone shrieks, "I don't go to work out" - some of us have to go stretch or we cannot walk. An essential feature of travel--walking.

Thanks, Hazel.