August 16, 2010

Wrong! - Ontario Allows Mixed-Martial Arts

Yes, my province will do anything for a buck. Ontario now  reminds me of Bartertown in Mad Mel's movie Beyond Thunderdome where the call of "two men enter, one man leaves" was frequently heard.

Mixed Martial Arts sounds sort of Zen but it's not. Its other moniker is Ultimate Fighting. It's blood, broken teeth, broken bones, broken noses. Pitting two neanderthals together to thrash it out, Mixed-Martial arts sticks to the no-hold barred concept literally. Guys with no head gear beat each other stupid until the mat is spotted with blood, just like the corner butcher-shop.

I hate this. I thought fake wrestling was a bad enough influence on kids - now we have to deal with this organization as an arbiter of taste for the lowest common denominator.

Circus Maximus can't be far behind. Bring on the tigers. Just keep me on the other side of the moat.


John said...

I completely agree, Hazel!
This government is caving on EVERYTHING!
Sex ed., Eco-fees, and now this!

The Clever Pup said...

Thanks John, next - On-line Gambling.

For the benefit of my other readers - John means the scrapping of an expanded sex-ed program.

Jacqueline said...

It is unconscionable when government goes for the quick cash grab and gives "activities" like this credibility.
I almost moved out of Ontario a number of years ago when the provincial government was considering admitting Sharia Law into our judicial system. This, and on-line gambling, just may make me have a look a where I live (and pay taxes) again!

Blog Princess G said...

Ugh. What a message to send to the world and to our kids. I hate to be negative on my fellow species, but I know if we brought back public hangings or any such business, people would come out in hoards to watch. We're remarkable in some ways, but one grunt away from de-evolving at any time.

Giulia said...

Oh criminy. I thought of Canada as being more sane & less violent than here. Bleep. I'd say 'you're joking' but you already said that you are not. As you know, my "specialty" is most things ancient Rome. And it is often bone chilling because of the ultra-violent aspect of Roman society. I hate hate hate hate hate this "thing." When I starting reading about it some years ago, I nearly lost my lunch. That's saying quite a lot as I have to read very nasty stuff indeed about modern brutality. It should be outlawed just as dog fighting, cock fighting, etc. The arguments against that have been that people 'willingly' participate. I say they are either mad or they are so ill equipped for other work (or there's no damn work to be had, fume) that they shouldn't be allowed to do it. We are savages, all of us at a certain level, but that doesn't mean we need give in to it.

Now, I'm going to go look to see if there's any hope for making it illegal. And here I thought I should shove off for (more) peaceful Canada (except for when hockey sticks are involved).

This brings to mind also those horrible marathon dancing contests in the Depression. I lump it all in together, however more or less violent. It's sickening.

The effects of the nice shower I just took in a house with electricity (yes!) just wore off. I do not blame you, however. cial Hazel

Alistair said...

Room for another on that ie of the moat?

willow said...

Ick. I just don't understand this mentality.