March 5, 2010

The Plum Plum

If you've been wondering what all that shameless self-promotion was about over the last couple of days, the reason is I've been working on opening my own shop on Etsy.

I've been hesitant about selling my original art mainly because I like having it around, but secondly because my art's a little rough around the edges. One of my flappers is painted on a piece of masonite taken from the back of my old sofa. Like I say on The Plum Plum's announcement "I’m not a dainty painter, so the bigger the canvas the better. I’ve painted murals in my apartment, a tangled garden on my fence, a rainforest in my son’s bedroom."

Now I've turned some of my reasonably-sized paintings into note cards. I have other ideas in mind. I recently came into the possession of some family photographs that revealed a family history I never knew. Some of those images will work their way onto postcards and tote bags.

I made such a mistake. I had been thinking about the name for my shop since Christmas. I narrowed it down, researched it, tested it out to see if anyone else had the name "The Plum Plum". (My husband and son nixed "The Runaway Pancake").When it was time to make the jump, Etsy asked me to register with a user name and password. Thinking this couldn't possibly be the time for my brilliant name, la la la, I blithely entered the user name hazelsmith62. Well, it was the time for my brilliant name and hazelsmith62 is now the actual name of my shop! GRRRR! I can't change it without a new email address so I'm stuck with it.

I’m starting off small but in the days and weeks to come I'll be listing more. I have plenty of ideas.

Please come by for a visit.

The Plum Plum, Art & Ephemera can be found here.
My other blog, also named The Plum Plum, Art & Ephemera can be found here.


Diane said...

how exciting! wishing you every success... and of course I will come and visit.

The Clever Pup said...

thanks and thanks again Diane.

tina tarnoff said...

congrats congrats congrats on your new store, how exciting!! I love the tarts/ladies :) cards, and will be stopping by to see more!

Moira said...

Well done you! If you don't promote yourself how will we know about your shop? Keep promoting baby, I love your pics!