March 5, 2010


Here's a photo of the terrace outside the Cafe du Dome taken by André Kertész in 1925.

Identified in Kiki's Paris, Artists and Lovers 1900-1930 are, from left to right are Marie Vassilieff, Cubist painter; Erno Goldfinger, Hungarian architect (the inspiration for Auric, maybe? "Auric Goldfinger - sounds like a French nail varnish"); an unknown woman: Lajos Tihanyi, the deaf Hungarian painter; and Dora, friend of photographer Berenice Abbott.

Could this Dora be a very young Dora Maar? I do see a resemblance.

Whether she was Picasso's muse or not, I liked the look of Dora very much and with green and yellow paint in hand she became the first of my Montparnasse ladies. She is still the favourite of my husband and son.


tina tarnoff said...

Oh, I love Dora Maar, her photogaphy too. And, as she was Croatian as I am too, I feel a connection. This is a great painting of yours of her. Great new look of the blog. The color is uplifting. Btw, I just noticed the M. Atwood quote you have here, she's one of my favorite writers. I loved Alias Grace especially.

Alistair said...

Hullo C-Pup,

You're probably going to hate e for this, but......

J'adore{a} Dora!