January 21, 2010

Salzburg April (Yes, April) 2003

I meant to post these with my article on Salzburg that I originally posted on December 14. I became a master of layering and had on all the clothes that I packed. It was 80 Fahrenheit when we got to Paris.

Festung Hohensalzburg

St. Peter's Cemetery

The Junior Pup at Leopold Mozart's grave, St. Sebastian's Cemetery

St. Sebastian's


studioJudith said...

Those wisest about dealing with truly cold weather do become masters of layering.
Dreamy photos, Hazel!


Jill said...

Beautiful! Just lovely pics.

Poetikat said...

They all look like fantastic postcards!
(How's the sourdough?)

Giulia said...

Goodness, quite a contrast. Lovely pix. Wanted to say that I'm enjoying TorontoVerve very much. As it looks like I'll have to flee the States if this nonsense keeps up (political), I'm trying to adjust to idea of Toronto & I'm enjoying the view. I suppose it's good that a new winter coat arrived yesterday.


Moira said...

What beautiful pics! No wonder you had layers and layers of clothes on, it looks freezing!

lettuce said...

that top photo is especially lovely

Ima Wizer said...

Gorgeous...really wonderful. I wanna go when it snows, too!