June 19, 2009

Where in the World?

Where in the world is the Clever Pup?

The first pic is the view I get after walking 60 seconds from my mother's front door.

Second pic is an aerial view of the little berg I grew up in.

Any guesses?


Susan said...

Since I read your mum's columns, it would be unfair of me to say. Lovely pix, & I hope to look in again soon. I know you'll be busy but hope you can pick up (or maybe you mum has on hand) some Andrea Camilleri Inspector Montalbano) or other things I've mentioned before. Highly diverting when awake too late or too early. xo

Brian Miller said...

judging by the first pic...somewhere amazing! and peaceful! and beautiful! jealous. smiles.

Bee said...

No guess at all, but WHAT a VIEW!

Rouchswalwe said...

Looks like a childhood dream!

Alaine said...

No idea, somewhere in Canada :>)

Enjoy your time with your Mum.

orange sugar home said...

Ireland!?? or Prince Edward Island??I don't even know what a "berg" is....just a guess. lovely.