June 16, 2009

The Cafeteria

In 2005 we had the great fortune of staying for a couple of nights in Vienna. On our first full day there, we walked from our pension just outside the Ring, through Vienna's lovely old city centre.

We stopped for a while and admired the trompe l'oeil ceiling in the State Library and moved on to the Kunsthistoriches Museum. I told G-pup that I would have to have a bite to eat in the museum's cafeteria before we started to look around at the art.

"Bah, cafeteria!" said G-Pup, "Let's sit here on the Ring and get a hot dog from a vendor. After all it doesn't get much better than this."

There's a picture of me somewhere trying to gag down the worst wiener (how ironic) that I'd ever had in my life. It was disgusting.

As for "not getting much better than this", the above picture is the "cafeteria" at the Kunsthistoriches Museum. I did enjoy a slice of Sachertorte there.


David Engel said...

I love Vienna and was privileged to have visited it two winters in a row. With so much Art, Music, Literature, Freud etc... it is my kind of place! And the food is marvelous. Some of my highlights include:

1. Visiting a snow blanketed Kunsthaus Wein - the Hundertwasser Museum.

2. Dining at one of the finest restaurants in the world - Restaurant Steirereck - on a snowy night we were very cozy there watching the snow come down and the tram run by.

And a couple wonderful traditional places -

A. the 150 year old Greichenbeisl


B. the 1st konditerei in the world Demel.

Everything very gemutlich!

A trip to The Belvedere for some intoxicating German Romantic paintings was life affirming as well.

Vienna is a wonderful city. Next time I go I hope to hear the Vienna Philharmonic and maybe some other music.



S. said...

Oh Puplet,

I had the same ironic dog you did (or fellow pup)...nice memory. The trip you took, not the dawg. I went fairly frequently to cover, uh, something much hotter, so to speak. Always have a certain sense of dread sense when there...can't help it. Not constantly. Perverse person that I was (am), I enjoyed my (nuclear) dread. Let's see, how do I sign this, rather than with blogger id? You're snappier (esp. of late) with such. Oh, I've already alluded to it...thanks for dredging up another memory for me (seriously).


Rouchswalwe said...

Ach! Sachertorte muß man ja in einem solchen Ort essen oder erst gar nicht, gelle?!

orange sugar home said...

Ha! very funny story. Gpup likely listens to your culinary suggestions now....

Brian Miller said...

wow. thats probably the nicest cafeteria i have seen. the weiner may have been rough, but the view, was ti worth it? sometimes the company makes the worst food go down better.

Anna said...

Hallo du Schoene! I'm here. In the last month I moved into a charming rental, have been working on completing certification to keep my job with 13 university credits, finished out exams for 120 students, and have been entertaining 2 children home for the summer. Whew! I have missed visiting and posting but something had to give. I'm here. I am so happy you stopped by to check in. Rest assured, I will have more time now and will be stopping by to visit.

Ladybug said...

Another Wow, a swish place, you DO get around! A slice of what?! Sounds as though it could be sweet; pardon my ignorance. LBx

Mrsupole said...

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My Castle in Spain said...

ah...Vienna ! i went there only once as a kid and was fascinated by its architecture. Like David says, its culture is just so important. (design, literature, architecture)

so ..how many sachertorte did you eat a day?

(in blogland, i visit Vienna through the eyes of the exquisite Merisi from Vienna for beginners. do you know her?)

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Vienna is at the top of my list of places I want to visit. Like Lala, I visit via La Merisi. Can't get enough of beautiful Vienna. Love Sachertorte too!

Polly said...

Vienna is one of my favourite cities and when I lived in Cracow I would go there quite often, it's only 6 hours drive.

Kunsthistorisches is amazing and the cafeteria is stunning. I bet the sachertorte was even nicer for the surroundings.

sallymandy said...

Fantastic! I have never been to Vienna. Was it a Vienna sausage you tried to choke down in the cafeteria? (That's a joke. Do you have them in Canada? They are VILE.)

The Clever Pup said...

Hey Sallymandy

I can't remember what the hot dog from the stand was called but it was soggy and gross and they impaled the bun on a spike and slipped it over the wiener. Grotty.