April 6, 2009

Renoir et Aline

Georges Riviere, a student of Renoir's, tried to describe Renoir's complete infatuation with his future wife Aline Charigot, and said,

"There were times when he would put down his palette and gaze at her instead of painting, asking himself why he tried, since what he was trying to achieve was there already."

Renoir, Auguste. Boating Couple (Aline Charigot and Renoir). Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 1881


willow said...

Lovely post! Renoir was so charming.

giulia said...

Yes, lovely. Coincidentally, I rewatched La Règle du Jeu by their son this weekend. What a talented family. xo

Poetikat said...

Imagine being on the receiving end of such admiration. My husband's endearment for me is "Freak" (among other sweeter terms). He has his Renoir moments.


Anonymous said...

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