April 3, 2009

Morisot Aime Manet

Found on Ancestry.com, this is the record of the marriage banns for Berthe Morisot and Eugene Manet. Marriage banns declared a man’s and woman’s intentions to marry. By law, marriage banns were published at least ten days before the marriage was to take place.


sallymandy said...

Is this her death certificate?

Those paintings in the other two posts are gorgeous.

Poetikat said...

Cool! You dig up the most interesting things. Only 10 days? That means there must have been some fairly hasty unions in those days.


P.S. I've responded to your comments on both blogs - there's a second reply on the BFtP - I neglected to respond to what I thought was quite significant in your case.

Auntie, aka cagny said...

You are one artisitc person, clever pup.
And do you speak french as well?
I need to practice my french.
I must come here more often.
A plus tarde!

The Clever Pup said...


Malheuresement, Je ne parle pas francais.

Unfortunately I can't speak French. I can hardly remember ANYTHING I was taught in school. Canada's bilingual and the couple of times I was in France I felt quite ashamed that I couldn't manage the language.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

That must of been a fun browse! I love the way they wrote back then.

giulia said...

C'est tres belle, petite Pup.

Great fun & enlightening, as usual...I only wish I could comment on the other posts. Borrowing friend's laptop in coffeeshop...so lovely & interesting. I love Morisot. See you next week, I hope. xoxo, svs

Poetikat said...

CP - If you do memes, I've got you tagged to do Willow's weekend version over at Keepsakes.


Margaret Gosden said...

So, I gather, the personal attachments thus reported are not to be found in any biographies? If there is a bio, which is the best one to read. Nice sleuthing!

willow said...

This is so cool! I subscribe to Ancestry, too, and love browsing interesting historical items. It's especially fun to see famous people on the census lists.