April 16, 2009

Movie Suggestions Anyone...?

Hi all,

My mum has asked me for some current DVD recommendations for her. As my taste lately is running towards foreign film I can't think off the top of my head what English language films she might like.

I've seen a lot of X-Men, Ironman type movies with my son but they don't count.

She likes English movies, historical movies, a good comedy and a good mystery. They should be clever and not necessarily chipper. A good example is that she loved "Stage Beauty" but hated "Pretty Woman".

I welcome all your suggestions.



Kurt said...

Stage Beauty was wonderful. How about Cold Comfort Farm. It was a bit chipper, though

Alan Smithee said...

Love and Death on Long Island, with John Hurt, is a winner.

VE said...

Slueth! If she's never seen it then she is in for a treat. Try Kooanasaqui (I might have spelled it wrong). There are no words but it is mesmarizing.

ArtSparker said...

One of the best films I've seen in recent years is Snow Cake, with Alan Richman and Sigourney Weaver. It is in its own category - it has both humor and sadness. An american movie which was filmed in Canada. Love and Death on Long Island is pretty terrific too, I'd agree.

California Girl said...

"My Brother Is An Only Child" (Italian) is fabulous.

"Priceless" (French) also wonderful.

"Jet Li's Fearless" (Chinese) surprisingly well done and entertaining.

"Dr. Bell & Mr. Doyle" (British) also very entertaining.

Beth Ahrens-Kley said...

I also seem to lean heavily towards foreign films. One that just struck my fancy real' good was a Japanese film, called A Taxing Woman. It is an incredibly iconic film, with great doesages of emotion, humor, fabulous acting, originality of plot, untypical suspense... and is, in the end, a LOVE STORY ! "Ryoko Itakura is a government tax agent who has just landed a big promotion. Her first assignment is to catch a famous wheeler-dealer........." Odd right? but great! Directed by Juzo Itami.
A must mention is 'Nowhere in Africa.' Another must mention is 'The Lives of Others'. Both German and outstanding.

giulia said...

Hi Hazel. Such computer problems & I've wanted to stop by with a list from my Netflix account. Have to log-off but wanted to say I shall return, mwhahaha....

xo svs

Kerry said...

Je T'aime Paris
The Fall

I loved all of these! Check them out.

Rouchswalwe said...

Everything is Illuminated - you'll need hankies for both the laughter and the tears.

Nancy said...

How about "Shakespeare in Love"?

"The Emperor's New Clothes" which is a lovely story about Napoleon escaping and becoming a green grocer and finding true love.

Gosford Park?

Any of the Dorothy Sayers mystery.

Calender Girls but that might be too chipper.

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

Dear Clevah Pup,
I just read your funny comment on Anna's blog, about how you told your son that YOU were the tooth fairy!
I almost fell off my chair.

FireLight said...

Hello Clever Pup! Are you still going to do a post on that....uh er G girl? Maybe next Wednesday? I am looking forward to it.

I have two suggestions for your mom:

Firelight ... a very English and very romantic period piece.....but different

Dear Frankie.. modern setting in Scotland

Poetikat said...

I'm trying to think of movies my own mother likes. Has she seen "The Interpreter"? or "The Constant Gardener"?

Does she like Westerns? Russel Crowe and Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma are really good.

CP - Have you seen the movie, "Once"? I love that! (Have the dvd).


The Clever Pup said...

Thanks everybody. I'll pass this along to her. And I'll check out some myself!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The Secret of Roan Inish!

Being Julia!

Two of my all-time favourites!!
Have fun.

Rowan said...

My favourite films are

Enchanted April
A Month By The Lake
Room With a View
Howard's End

All period, romantic, beautiful settings and English. None of them are recent but I think your mum would enjoy all of them.

Anonymous said...

Waking Ned Devine

reyjr said...

Hm... Titanic! :D

Megan said...

Topsy Turvy

Sam said...

I saw "The Duchess" last night - she might love that. It's about an aristocratic beauty who kicks up against her husband's horrible behaviour. Keira Knightly, Ralph Fiennes and Charlotte Rampling all act very well in it and it's a feast for the eyes!

sunflowercafe said...

Life is Beautiful - my all time favourite

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas