April 22, 2009


Here's a piece of goosebump-inducing synchronicity. My 15-year-old son finished reading Steven King's novel Christine yesterday. We found the movie in installments on Youtube and we just finished watching it this morning before "Late Start Wednesdays" at his school.

About half an hour later I remembered I hadn't heard from my blog friend
Poetikat for a while so I checked her site to see what she was up to. Poetikat and I have lots in common so I shouldn't have been surprised but her most recent post was a spine-tingling poem titled Driving Lessons about her blue Impala which she had named "Christine".


Elizabeth said...

As per your post below
My tutor at Sussex University, Hans Hess, left Germany in 1933. His father, a shoe manufacturer, had been a big patron of the Bauhaus.
The Nazis took all the Hess family art work -except the few pieces Hans took out between the leaves of a newspaper.
Hans and Lili lived in England and died some years ago. Their daughter Erica became head of the British Communist party.
A couple of years ago Erica recieved HUGE amounts of money.
Truth is MUCH stranger than fiction.

giulia said...

Thanks for stopping by & tempting me over to Theme Thursday. Devil woman:)

I know instantly what I would write. You must as well...hmmmm. Oops, there's the hail & thunder in distance...xo

Ima Wizer said...

and that movie was scary enough to stop anyone from learning to drive! Yipes!!!

Marie Reed said...

eeeek! I'm shaking in my boot..well...wool socks... This is a movie that truly scared the bejeezus out of me and ruined any love for classic cars: That is a bonkers coincidence with Poetikat! Wild!

Poetikat said...

CP - The Bobby Gentry song is a bit of a chiller as well. See my response.


julochka said...

ooo, i love bits of serendipity like that. there are no coincidences...

i loved christine when i was in high school.

willow said...

That was a fun bit of synchronicity! Don't you love it when that happens?

The Clever Pup said...

just testing