April 15, 2009

Briar Rose - Elizabethan Garden Mural


Bonbon Oiseau said...

just beautiful! yes it's true-- it's a very colorful day out here..love the tulip fields down below as well and thank you for favoriting me!

giulia said...

Well, I hate to be tacky & say "...I'm so jealous I could spit..." but...I'm gonna be tacky. Wail. I so miss having a garden.

Sniff. As I shuffle off in the rain to the market. To buy non-garden 'stuff.'

Blicky Kitty said...

Oooh here's a beautiful Elizabethan garden sonnet (Shakespeare #99) for your beautiful creation:
The forward violet thus did I chide:
Sweet thief, whence didst thou steal thy sweet that smells,
If not from my love's breath? The purple pride
Which on thy soft cheek for complexion dwells
In my love's veins thou hast too grossly dyed.*
The lily I condemned for thy hand,
And buds of marjoram had stol'n thy hair:
The roses fearfully on thorns did stand,
One blushing shame, another white despair;
A third, nor red nor white, had stol'n of both
And to his robbery had annex'd thy breath;
But, for his theft, in pride of all his growth
A vengeful canker eat him up to death.
More flowers I noted, yet I none could see
But sweet or colour it had stol'n from thee.



ArtSparker said...

What an amusing treatment of the fence.

Have you read Alison Utley's "A traveller in Time"?

You might enjoy it.

Tina Tarnoff said...

This is just so wonderful! I adore the owl! I think I will start on a mural in my house soon, too. But I wish I had a garden, this fence is so absolutely gorgeous!