March 28, 2009

Wo ist Waldo?

My liebling is in Munich for a few days. He has plenty of business meetings and schmoozing to keep him busy but he also has a lot of time on his hands. We are too old and disinterested to Twitter. We don't tweet. He won’t even use a mobile phone. So between the times when I can reach him on a land line, I wonder what he’s up to.

The Atzinger is a good bet. It’s a legendary student pub with a lively mixed clientele situated across from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. The food is hardy; wurst abounds. I hear it’s been renovated and has a lovely new decor. Maybe they’ve had a change of staff too.

When the three of us were in the Atzinger in 2003, our waiter was large, red-faced and wore a wrestling belt/truss thing on the outside of his clothes. Despite his obvious German-ness, he looked exactly like a thug from an Ealing Comedy and wanted to tear our heads off. Whenever we said "Danke" for our beer or our meals, he’d yell "BITTE" in the most unusual and unconvincing manner. We spent most of that meal trying to determine what we’d done to piss him off. I don’t know if the Atzinger still has that student-bar feel but one good thing; it would be less smoky, since Germany passed the no-smoking rule in restaurants.

Atzinger, Schellingstr. 9, 80799 Munich, Phone 089/28 28 80. Open daily 10-3 clock

Maybe he’s across the road from the Atzinger at News Bar. News Bar is one of those kind of essential places that fills a niche. It’s got a wide ranging menu but I think when I was there with my son in 2006, all we had was onion soup and cream cheese on a bagel. I tried so hard to order our meals in German but our waiter was determined to take our orders in English. It’s a fairly comfortable, cosmopolitan place, that’s not too different from restaurants at home. It’s modern and it’s cool.

It’s called News Bar because they have at least three televisions tuned to news channels and a wide range of international newspapers and magazines displayed on the back wall. Akbar and Jeff are on the wall confessing their dislike for one another.

News Bar, Amalienstrasse 55

Now, I only have a passing relationship with the traditional Max Emanuel Brauerei on Adalbertstrasse. Will Waldo be there? I was there with him in 2005 and although it has a real Munich feel inside, my liebling, who has been there since, says it has an astonishing beer garden in its back court yard. I remember ice-cream. It’s been around for over 100 years so it’s seen a lot of stuff. Despite its being in the middle of Munich’s Schwabing neighbourhood it’s very quiet.

They also have a large dance floor in a separate room at the back. There are salsa classes there several nights of the week with Tango every Tuesday. When I excused myself to visit the WC I happened upon the dancers in the back room. Incongrous in this Bavarian beer hall, it felt like a scene from the Tango Lesson.

Max Emanuel Brauerei, Adalbertstraße 33, 80799 München

So where is my liebling; my Waldo? I’d say - first Max Emanuel, then the Atzinger, then News Bar. He’ll probably surprise me by going somewhere new. I hope so.

top picture: Atzinger,

middle: News Bar,

bottom: Max Emanuel,


Gal Friday said... seems as if you are missing both Mr. Clever Pup and Munich terribly.

Anna said...

I read your posts and realize how tied to Munich your heart is, and that you would love to be there with your Liebling as he adventures through such a fine city. I remember Dallmayer's. What an exquist and devine place to buy meats, cheeses, coffee, wine and CHOCOLATE. Oh, my head was spining after visiting for 20 minutes.

Jelica said...

I've never been to Munich but from your post it seems like a place worth visiting!