March 6, 2009

A Peeler?

I was looking at Architectural Digest in the dentist's yesterday and came across the picture of this mutton-chopped fellow (top) in the Designers Discoveries section. He temporarily lives at Bush Antiques in New Orleans.

They seemed a little unsure as to what he was. They think he's French but describe him as "Life Size Man Holding Lantern."

I think he's an early English Bobby. They were called Peelers after Robert Peel.

What do you think?


Poetikat said...

I thought this fellow was standing in your kitchen. (I think he'd get in the way of your baking.)
Would he not have a "Billy Club"?

You've certainly piqued my curiosity.

By they way, I think your artwork is stunningly beautiful. I love portraits of women. I really love some of Klimt's work with women.


Poetikat said...

Actually, the word I was looking for was "truncheon".


K. said...

Peeler is as good a guess as any. The stovepipe hats, though, make me think that the picture is from the mid-19th Century. They've got to be some kind of security force.

tony said...

why do i always feel guilty when i see a Policeman.....?!

John-Michael said...

Methinks the collar bespeaks a para-military uniform of some official status. (That collar style was adopted by military designers as a counter-sword measure, and was often made from leather to add to the protective quality.)