March 6, 2009

The Original Clever Pup

Here’s my Clever Pup. Her name is Jersey. Her actual name is Isle of Jersey. Do you get it? I love Jersey.

She's a yellow Labrador Retriever. We’ve had her for about 18 months now. But she’s not the inspiration for my blog.

When my son was nine, I didn’t think he was stimulated enough at school and nothing seemed to interest him either. He was also subjected to peer pressure to start gaming; playing Game Boy, X-Box. I detest any form of computer games, so to stave this off as long as I could I started writing little articles for him. The first articles were about relevant things; Hurricane Hazel, Toronto Island. Then I started writing about places we’d been and authors he liked as a child. I compiled stories, jokes, articles and recipes and called the newsletter “The Brain”. I tried not dumbing down anything for him. “The Brain” lasted for about a year.

Years went by and during a recent slump in work I decided to post this collection of stories in blog form. Most of my November archive consists of these pieces. I got hooked on blogging but I wasn’t getting any traffic. On Google the words “The Brain” got a whopping 71 million results. I couldn’t even find my own blog. It was time to change my name.

I had always loved the ever so English and very innocent Rupert Bear. He had a friend called Bingo. A very clever, inquisitive little dog who I swore was nicknamed “The Clever Pup”, but in fact is nicknamed the “Brainy Pup”. Oh well… Bingo always had something up his sleeve. I changed the name of the blog to “The Clever Pup” and when these words are Googled, there are only 10,000 hits. Bingo can be seen as my icon, nattily dressed and holding a bunch of brightly coloured fireworks.

So said son ignores my blogging completely. Today he’s getting his braces off and Monday he turns 15.

If you’re wondering why I don’t have long ears and a wagging tail there’s the story in a nutshell.


willow said...

Jersey looks SO much like our second lab, Ralphy. We had two male yellow labs over the years. They are both in doggie heaven now, God rest their little souls. They were both wonderful pets, but Ralphy was our favorite.

Enjoy the birthday festivities on Monday!

Candie Bracci said...

He is really gorgeous!
Those are one my preferite kind of dogs,they are so cute and sweet.

sallymandy said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for sharing that story. Interesting. It's great that you found another outlet for all the work you did on The Brain. You're a great writer and researcher.

My daughter got a retainer yesterday and is turning 12 tomorrow. She thinks my blog is "cool," and I'm not sure if she reads it. I considered posting something I didn't want her to read recently, and decided not to.

What a cute dog.

Anonymous said...

She's just soooo cute! And not a bit camera shy, I'll wager :)

giulia said...

What a darling face. I love both Jerseys (Isle & New)...both childhood places. Thank you for the evolution explanation of TCP. I look forward to going through November's archives.

And yes, have fun on Monday. (And good weekend...)

xo, Susan

Poetikat said...

I'll have to investigate your earlier posts, then.
I best not show your "Jersey" to my husband - who spends a good deal of time on Pet-finder and Humane Society websites, drooling over dogs we can't have since we own 4 semi-crochety old felines who absolutely would NOT tolerate that.
She is a lovely dog, though.

Happy 15th to your son! It's a big year - the last of true childhood really. Manhood is just on the horizon.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I really laughed about the hits generated by the word Brain and that you couldn't find your own blog!!! I'm completely self-taught in this arena, so I can relate. I made my own newspaper when I was little - It was the something Gazette...I know I drew rabbits and carrots in the header so it was probably the Bunny Gazette. I was only in about fourth grade. I'm sure your son will treasure those memories of the newsletter. Did you get Summer Weekly Reader? I think I just hung around the mailbox all summer! Loved it! I added an extension to my blog list and 'The Clever Pup' is listed there.

Mya.L said...

I absolutely love your play on words! That's a very good one!

La Belle Lumière said...

Aww, Jersey is beautiful. I especially love her blond eyebrow whiskers — too cute!

It's great to hear how your blog came about and your intention for it. Nice to know what the name means, too!