February 25, 2009

The Vertical Gardens of Patrick Blanc

Corine over at Hidden in France introduced me to Patrick Blanc on her beautiful and witty site. Thank you.

What a wonderful idea Blanc has to grow vertically. It must be very good for the air we breathe.

Here's a link to his site. http://www.verticalgardenpatrickblanc.com/ He definitely has a vision. I even found a picture of him with green hair.

It also reminded me of my own ivy (actually Virginia Creeper) covered house. The bees love it mid-July. The whole wall just buzzes. Sparrows make it home too.

My green wall is visible above in the post called "The Garden".


ArtSparker said...

This structure is so wonderful in its green coat - a mpre concentrated version of the hundertwasser apartment buildings in Vienna.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

this building is amazing.... it is attached to the musee du quai branly - one of the most wondrous museums I've every experienced! if you haven't been, I hope you get a chance.... I wish we had a green building like this!

corine said...

Thanks for the mention.

By the way i read your question about editing and spanish visitors, and my feeling is that it happens and doesn't matter, unless they spam you with comments. It will probably ends just as it started.

by the way #2: you look cute! ( I had imagined you different, more like with floppy ears and a wagging tail :-)