February 25, 2009

The Garden


sallymandy said...

Hazel, is this YOUR garden? I love it! I want it!

The Clever Pup said...

Yes. I live in a Victorian rowhouse. The neighbours don't want the ivy so we have to pick it off every year. Thanks for visiting.

John-Michael said...

My words would never be adequate!

"Fair Quiet, have I found thee here,
And Innocence thy sister dear?
Mistaken long, I sought you then
In busy companies of men.
Your sacred plants, if here below,
Only among the plants will grow.
Society is all but rude
To this delicious solitude"

(second verse) The Garden
by Andrew Marvell

Allison Greer said...

Dearly appreciate what you've done with 17 feet. You're blessed to have the site to work your gift. So, you like to read and you like to travel: might I introduce you to Margaret Katherine O'Casey, P.I. teacup-cozy, murder mysteries. Google her: she gets around too.