September 3, 2010

Paris Walks 5 - Fun and Romance in the Tuileries

After Deyrolle on the Rue du Bac, we weren’t very far from our destination that day – the Musee Dorsay.

But as we’d been walking and visiting and peeking in bookstores since 8:30 that morning I was pretty cranky with hunger. My husband doesn’t suffer from this affliction. But my empty tummy leads to a bad mood that can spoil the whole day.

G is a Leo and I think that has something to do with making sure he has the perfect backdrop, soundtrack, clothes, before he can enjoy himself – meaning instead of eating on the steps of the Museum we had to walk the extra ¼ mile to cross the footbridge across the Seine and eat in the Tuileries. Which was a very good idea.

We had packed a picnic of sorts the night before; a bag of really rich mini-croissants and Baby Bell cheeses, juices. Some yogurts we had picked up a long the way. We plunked ourselves down on a bench and had our picnic.

The three of us were amazed to find that the old stereotype of Paris being for lovers was true. On almost every bench there were couples kissing, embracing or in some sort of romantic clinch. At one point a couple got up, dusted themselves off and were replaced on the bench with another couple who started necking almost immediately.

We ate our Baby Bell goudas which came at that time with a toy. This time it was a long colourful sausage-shaped balloon with a plastic squeaker attached to the end. This was a great delight to N. who was 9 at the time. We’d blow it up for him and it would squeal along the boulevards between the chestnuts in the Tuileries. Time after time we’d blow it up and N would run after it down the paths, jumping and laughing. At one point the balloon got caught in a tree and with some improvising and a rake that we found and bashing the tree with my purse we got the balloon to fall.

All this levity and a full stomach prepared me for the visit to the Musee Dorsay.

Photo 1 is actually the promenade at the Hotel des Invalides, but you get the point.

Photo 2 IS the Tuileries. I saved about 5 years ago. I don't know where it came from but the man in the 3rd chair from the left looks so much like my husband I really thought it was he.

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