January 24, 2012

My Casual-Hip 'Hood

Although this originally ran in the New York Times in October, I  just found it. My hip 'hood is thrumming again, and apparently makes for one of Toronto's most engaging strolls. There really is so much new happening I'd need a whole month to dedicate to my great neighbourhood. Please click on the link.

A Low-Slung Piece Of Toronto Gains Casual-Hip Cachet
IN the Roncesvalles Village area of Toronto, shop windows still trumpet “godziny otwarcia” — Polish for “opening hours.” But as young, creative types have snapped up homes, this west-end Polish enclave has morphed into a hub of local design and casual-hip dining. After a multiyear neighborhood reconstruction project that temporarily cut streetcar service and starved merchants, Roncesvalles Avenue — the area’s main artery — is thrumming again. Despite their big-city location, the street’s indie bookstores, quirky coffeehouses and smart boutiques feel more like small-town hangouts, with stroller-pushing locals popping in to chat up proprietors. Tree-lined and low-slung, with a blessed absence of the chain stores that have crept across Toronto, the rejuvenated “Roncey” now makes for one of the city’s most engaging strolls.

 photo from polishfestival.ca


Kat Mortensen said...

It is a great 'hood. Is the Roncesvalles Theatre still there? I saw a few repertory flicks there years ago!

John said...

Looks like an awesome place to live, Hazel! Sounds a bit like NDG in Montréal...

The Clever Pup said...


Kat, the theatre, actually called the Revue, is there. My son hands out their flyers to the local merchants. There is another theatre on the street once called the Brighton, which unfortunately has been a convenience store since the 80s.

G said...

It's a great 'hood for sure. I was at the Revue last to see Melancholia. I love Toronto's rep cinemas!