August 25, 2011

Grow - Leadwort "Blue Plumbago"

This spreading ground-cover is about to bloom in my garden and about time too. It's half-past August and the flowers arrive on Leadwort "Blue Plumbago" in the late summer. It has lovely deep blue flowers and it's foliage (FOL-I-AGE, not foilage) turns a reddish bronze in the fall. It takes a long time to come into its own in the spring and I almost chucked it.I'm glad I didn't. I bought about $200-worth of plants at this time last year - coral bells, false indigo, lantana - all-professing to be perennial. This Leadwort is the only one that hasn't let me down.


Giulia said...

Some perennials will bloom next year, probably. This happened to me several times. Sometimes, for whatever reason they are delayed. This is lovely, though.

Diane said...

I quite like the blossoms. The red bits remind me of bee balm; the purple periwinkle. Such a colourful beauty. Sunlover?

Anonymous said...

Is this a pollinator attractor like the regular plumbago?