September 18, 2015

Clever Decor for Less $

There is too much personal debt these days resulting from folks wanting new stuff and not wanting to wait for it. Hey, you don't have to go into debt to furnish your place. I love, love, love IKEA but you don't have to rely on them for inexpensive furniture. This stuff lasts, it shows character and in some cases, it's even meaningful.

My salon art wall. Out of a grand total of 19 pictures only one cost more than $150. Many are mine, or done by family, or free pictures that my husband is smart enough to frame. The print directly over the sofa cost $12 but a couple of hundred to frame professionally. It is my least favourite.
The bookcase we bought at an auction of French antiques here in Toronto. Cost $600. Less than IKEA. The sofa we bought at Waddington's for $440 and had recovered. The milk crate on the other hand only lives here when my son is home. Pay no attention to it.

Cranach print $9.00 Art Gallery of Ontario
Frame found in garbage
Husband matted print for less than $18.00
Lamp - hand-me-down.
Grand total for cool piece of art $27.00

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