May 31, 2015

Billiard Loft Renovation - Before

In a nutshell. We live in a 123-year-old house. We've been here for 17 years. The housing market in Toronto keeps going up and up and therefore, so is our nest-egg. But we are 50-something empty-nesters  - do we stay or do we go? Where to? It's too expensive to buy back in in this market. We don't want to move out of town. Our neighbourhood's great. The location's convenient. With 5 choices of how to get downtown transit is convenient.

Time for a little dreaming.....fading, fading.


....We're changing a 5-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house. But in the meantime we haven't rid ourselves of any furniture or the detritus that living 17 years in one place can accumulate. We surprised our son with this news the day he came back from university.

Oh, and I get to update my kitchen too.  Stay tuned.

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Giulia said...

This is exciting news, Hazel! It's nothing like what you're doing but I did just clear out 20 years of extraneous stuff & I feel like a new person. Or like I just lost a 100 pounds. Or something. I don't miss a thing (I still kept plenty but think that a lot of that will be leaving over the summer.)