November 24, 2013

Off the Rails Pasta
Off the rails only because it wasn't gluten free. It does make a difference unfortunately. Like most of the things I create in the kitchen this one came off the top of my head. This recipe was SO good I have to write it down for posterity. 

What I needed:. 

Olive oil
Yellow pepper
Package of prosciutto
Fat-free sour cream
Cream 10%
Pico de Gallo - prepared

So, I fried half a chopped onion in olive oil for about 12 minutes. Adding 1/2 chopped yellow pepper after 6 minutes. Then I tossed in 1/2 package of prosciutto also chopped into inch-sized pieces. I stirred this about while I started the pasta. 225 grams or 8 ounces of spaghetti was perfect for the amount of sauce. 

Okay, then I added 3 large dessert spoons of zero fat sour cream to the frying pan, one 1/4 inch medallion of chevre, and 1/3 cup cream (10%), and one tablespoon prepared pico de gallo salsa. Then I added a generous pinch of salt. 

I added the spaghetti to the frying pan which was now on low. Stirred the noodles around in the goodness and grated about an inch-sized cube of Parmesan over the top. 

In total this meal took less than 25 minutes to prepare. It was amazing. 

I didn't photograph the event. But the above photo from hints at the idea. 


Diane said...

I love quick and easy meals, and it seems pasta is always in there somewhere. I could have it every night but know I shouldn't. All things in moderation.

Giulia said...

Lady, you had me at prosciutto. So when I have my one pasta meal a month (sadly, yes), I will follow your instructions. :)

G said...

Magnifico! Damn... wish I'd been in the 'hood. :)

dogimo said...

Oh my goodness. That looks (and sounds) so good.

You know, when I hit submit comment I was sure I'd be able to say more than "good good" or perhaps, "Hrmrmrmrmmrnrmrm-m-m-m."

But yeah. Hrmrmrmrmrmnmrnm...