December 5, 2012

The Clever Pup's Guide to Making Christmas Work - Meaningful Gifts - Guy Stuff

Canadian Museums Association
A repost, but why not. I live with smart fellas, more comfortable with Don Giovanni than Don Cherry. Here's a selection of kind and gentle Christmas gift ideas for the kind and gentle men in your life.

The image on the blanket above is of the train that passed my house daily when I was growing up. My brother would really like this.

I bought a varnished hand like the one above, when I was in Paris. It's never used for its intended purpose as a sketching aid, but we have lots of fun with it. At the moment it's holding a selection of paint samples. The little articulated mannequins are found in most art supply stores. They are endlessly amusing.

Maps and city plans like this can be found in places similar to Beach Antique Maps and Prints.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read. Thanks,Groucho. Also dogs don't need bookends to keep them nice and straight on the shelf. Here's to killing two birds with one stone. The top set are no longer available from Restoration Hardware but they have others to choose from.  Brass or bronze bookends can usually be found if you poke about in antique markets and...

...if you're lucky enough to have a well-curated antique or flea market in your neighbourhood, maybe you can find interesting gifts for the time-traveler in your life. A Toronto favourite is Yank Azman who sets up at the Sunday Antique Market at the St. Lawrence Market Building North.

Moleskine has turned into an industry, selling reading glasses, pencils, pouches, manbags as well as the nice-to-get notebooks. I especially like the one with the accordion file in the back. It's useful for travel. These seem to be in a number of higher end book and stationery shops.

Useful globes like this can be found at Replogle. No, I didn't just choke on my cereal.

Oh so very cool Steampunk accessories can be found on etsy. These goggles are at Attic Raiders.

If only I could find a robe as nice as this one.

Great for relieving stress.

 I think these tattoo sleeves are pretty cool. Accessorize with  biceps and you're set.

Here are more suggestions. I'd like them too.

This bust of Napoleon is definitely out of my price range. But I love it. It's a definite for a Sherlock Holmes aficionado.

Old post cards bring out the snoop in me. A wonderful stocking stuffer.
Can you imagine this in an oval frame? Due to my Art History classes I've got Napoleon fever..
We have two candelabra like this and our candle consumption is breaking the bank. I hope these are inspiring.


Yvette said...

The Napoleon bust, for sure. And I'm not even a guy. :)

David Engel said...

That Skyrail Roller Coaster sure looks like fun!

Blog Princess G said...

I love this post - so full of interesting things. Thanks CP!

Suse said...

Where on earth do you find all of this stuff? The diversity, the range is astounding...