September 17, 2012

Toronto's Mayor - Funnier than Fiction.

photo: The Globe & Mail

 Here's a hilarious editorial by the Globe and Mail's Elizabeth Renzetti. Recently returned from London, she finds Toronto's mayor and his whacky cast of friends and family perfect material for a sit-com. It's so true. If Kevin James were cast in the lead we'd be laughing until tears rolled down our cheeks. Let's not forget the inaugural speech by his friend, the upholstery-suited hockey pundit Don Cherry, who addressed half the city as left-wing pinko bike riders! Or the fact that his smarter brother Mycroft, oops, Doug, had never heard of Margaret Atwood. 

The Rob Ford Show is great TV, if entirely implausible


Alistair said...

Only in Canada - unfortunately, no. London has Boris Johnson. I'm so glad I'm Scots.

The Clever Pup said...

Alistair, I think people like Boris because he comes across as funny. Our guy just looks like the top of his head is going to blow off.

Lois said...

I live in Hamilton, with my own set of characters, but love to hear what Ford is up to! Just can't believe it half the time!

Nancy said...

I live in Texas - sigh - home of Rick Perry. I don't know if I'd conisder him funny though or just very sad. We have an okay mayor though.