May 1, 2012

If today were May 1st, 1932 and you didn't know what to cook for supper you might rely on a book like the one I have; A Year's Dinners: 365 Seasonable Dinners With Instructions for Cooking. A Handy Guide-book for Worried Housekeepers. Eighty years ago the menu for today would have been...
 Tapioca Cream Soup
Lobster Cutlets
Roast Sirloin of Beef
Horseradish Sauce
Baked Potatoes
Yorkshire Pudding

Peach Mould
Cheese and Water Cress. 
So what's keeping you? Get cracking. 

If you're interested in the story of my book, please click here. 


Lois said...

And I'd be cooking for a week to make that menu.

Laurie Leclair said...

Don't know about the Tapioca soup, but if it means we get to cook together I'm in!

diane said...

... no wonder you needed 'help' in the kitchen...