January 27, 2012

Sunday in the Olympic Park with Neville

Neville Gabie, artist in residence at London's Olympic Park has paid tribute to the construction workers at the 2012 Games site by interpreting French post-impressionist Georges Seurat's Bathers at Asnieres in his own way.

Landscapers, engineers, designers and security staff inhabit the photograph recreating the 1884 painting.

From what little I know of Seurat, he was enamoured with France's industrial age. He makes an effort to include the factories and their bellowing smoke stacks in the background when he could just as easily glossed over them. I'm guessing Georges would be tickled with this "post-industrial" take on his "Bathers".

(ODA via Getty Image)


Giulia said...

Thanks...I had no idea there was an artist-in-residence. I love this.

Jenny Woolf said...

Another well spotted image, I haven't seen this but I will google him now. It's a really clever idea.

Anonymous said...

I only wish they were slumping more, to get the <<< effect of the original.