May 5, 2011

William Blair Bruce - Landscape with Poppies.

William Blair Bruce, Landscape with Poppies (1887) AGO
I saw this painting by William Blair Bruce (1859-1906) when I was at the Art Gallery of Ontario researching for my final paper. It's small, just 27 by 34 cm, but it's just as pretty as Monet's Poppies at Argenteuil (1873)

More about the handsome Blair Bruce and his trip to Paris later, but now I have to concentrate on my history paper discussing whether or not there is a distinct Canadian art other than the Group of Seven. See you in a week or so.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Perhaps because the Monet is so well known, this appears to have a freshness about it which makes it especially appealing.

Good luck with your research!

Giulia said...

That is bella. I look forward to hearing more about the painter. Good luck!

Kate Hanley said...

Good luck with the paper. It was great to see the two paintings next to each other, and you're right Mr. Bruce's painting is just as lovely.

Diane said...


Red poppies have been much on my mind lately, and round yellow lemons. So Mediterranean!