May 24, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan

Early one morning, the sun was shining, I was laying in bed... and the disc jockey's tribute to Bob Dylan's birthday today was to play Blowin' in the Wind. My husband and I groaned because he, - and by extension, I - are Bob Dylan afficiandos. Bob Dylan has 48 more years of songs under his belt. But it's his early stuff that gets played. Here's a song of Dylan's from 2006 called "When the Deal Goes Down". Bob Dylan's not in the video, but Scarlett Johansson is. Love her or leave her this video is enough to make you nostalgic for something, anything - real or imagined.

1 comment:

Hels said...

Dear god :( where have the decades gone?

It was only a minute ago that he was a fresh faced, somewhat skinny and serious young lad, giving a voice to my entire generation.
But his appeal must have crossed generations. One of my grandsons was given the middle name of Dylan in Bob's honour.