April 15, 2011



I walked part the way home today. It was the first day that really felt like Spring and the first day where the wind did not cut me in half. I treated myself at Magnolia Fine Foods, on College Street, as I hadn’t done anything nice for myself in several minutes. I picked up some onion compote and some peanut satay sauce and I bought two small chocolate bars.

The chocolates made by Dolfin were intriguing. They’re a Belgian company that prides themselves in their blends. Dolfin team the most unexpected flavours together. Today I had two liiiitle 30g.bars; a dark chocolate with white pepper and cardamom from Guatemala, and a milk chocolate bar with Konacha green tea from Japan. To quote a phrase, these chocolates “are like a mini-travel diary, capturing the atmosphere of far-off horizons….”. The pepper and cardomon chocolate was almost a delicious as my all-time favourite Dallmayr Weihnachts chocolate which is fragrant with anise, cloves, cinnamon and coriander plus a hint of vanilla.(I discovered that in the Christmas hamper provided by my husband's German-based employer.)

Other exotic spices, peels and essential oils are used in Dolfin’s chocolates. For example Dolfin makes milk chocolate with salted caramel and milk chocolate with Sri Lankan cinnamon; dark chocolate with lavender and dark chocolate tablets of with violet, rose or verbena.

Dolfin’s master chocolate makers are interested in the flavours of the world and so far I have to agree that the surprising combinations are quite harmonious.

You should check them out next time you’re in the gourmet section.  You  know you deserve it.

Here's  a link to their English site.


Brian Miller said...

you will never believe this but we have a magnolia foods on college street here too...ha.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

This sounds like an excellent way to start the weekend. Although we do not know of Dolfin chocolate, and it is almost certainly unavailable here in Hungary, it seems to us that this is a taste which should, no must, be tracked down.

Do enjoy it!!

Giulia said...

I love those combination chocolates. I'm partial to Vosges bars - there's a nice one w/chili peppers. All sorts of flavors. Slurp. I'm glad that I'm staying home today...the urge to splurge must be tamed for now. But I will visit the Dolfin site.


The Clever Pup said...

Brian. Now way! Where are you?

amourissima said...

Delicious post!

Blog Princess G said...

Mmmm, I think they have these at the St. Lawrence market. I'll be checking them out now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ask Erena said...

what a delicious post!